jun 29

Nieuwe Release CardsOnline 7.2

ScreenCheck is verheugd een nieuwe release van ons Online Kaart Management Systeem aan te kondigen: CardsOnline 7.2. De oplossing in de cloud CardsOnline 7.2 biedt meer verbeteringen voor de beveiliging en de uitbreiding van het inlogsysteem met Single Sign On (SSO) mogelijkheden. Naast een goede selectie van verbeteringen, introduceert deze nieuwe versie: CardsOnline Digital ID.

Nieuwe Functionaliteit: CardsOnline Digital ID

New Release Card Management System CardsOnline with Digital ID

CardsOnline 7.2 introduceert de nieuwe Digital ID functionaliteit. Ontwerp en verzend nu Digitale ID’s met CardsOnline.

Wanneer CardsOnline Digital ID is ingeschakeld voor een Unit, kan de Unit Administrator digitale ID’s verzenden. Maak met de CardsOnline Card Designer een Digital ID ontwerp dat specifiek is voor mobiele apparaten, in staande of liggende modus, naast het standaard kaartontwerp dat u gebruikt om op plastic ID-badges te printen.
Als een record alleen een standaard kaartontwerp heeft, wordt de standaardversie als digitale PDF-versie verzonden.

Selecteer de records van de kaarthouders die u een Digitale ID wilt sturen, klik op het pictogram “Digitale ID verzenden” en bekijk de voortgang van het verzenden van de Digitale ID’s in een voortgangspop-up. De Kaarthouders ontvangen een e-mail met een link om hun Digitale ID op te halen. De link opent eerst een pagina met gebruiksvoorwaarden waarmee de kaarthouder akkoord kan gaan, waarna de Digitale ID kan worden gedownload. Naast de download wordt er ook een Digital ID PDF per e-mail verzonden.

De Digital ID kan nu worden gebruikt als een tijdelijke of permanente manier van mobiele identificatie.

Nieuw en verbeteringen

De Duitse taal is nieuw toegevoegd aan CardsOnline 7.2. CardsOnline is beschikbaar in de talen Engels, Spaans, Frans, Duits, Zweeds en Nederlands.

CardsOnline 7.2.1 biedt ook inloggen met een Single Sign On account (SSO), om toegang te krijgen tot de hoofdapplicatie, maar ook om in te loggen op de Card Print Manager (CPM). Organisaties kunnen nu veilig inloggen op CardsOnline met hun bestaande inloggegevens met behulp van hun SSO-account. SSO geeft eenvoudig en veilig toegang met één set inloggegevens tot diensten van verschillende applicaties. Gebruikers loggen met één gebruikersnaam en wachtwoord in op alle clouddiensten die uw organisatie gebruikt. Een SSO-oplossing kan het werken met uw diensten en CardsOnline versnellen, vereenvoudigen en veiliger maken.

Veel verbeteringen in CardsOnline, waaronder enkele belangrijke beveiligingsupdates.

Wil je meer weten over CardsOnline 7.2.1, vraag dan nu een demo aan!

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Release Notes

CardsOnline 7.2.1

- Security fixes
- Fixed issues regarding CardPrintManager NTLM/Kerberos authentication (SSO)
- Fixed issue regarding search in AD for LDAP users
- Fixed issue regarding bulk export of photos and signatures
- Fixed issue regarding import of inactive records via Excel import
- Fixed issue regarding disabled Card manager where database was not cleaned propertly after printing a card
- Fixed issue regarding Salto connector where last card id would always be exported
- Fixed issue where batch process card status change would save reason & renewal option even when not needed
- Fix regarding CardPrintManager getting all card Ids while there are no orders for that user, caused server overload 
(issue could occur when user uses print owned jobs and never created a printjob)
- Fix regarding print owned jobs and unit users (users didn't see any incoming print jobs in CardPrintManager)
- Fix regarding saving field restrictions in combination with MSSQL databases
- Fixed several English & Dutch typos
- Fixed issue regarding text truncation within dropdowns 
- Fixed issue regarding modified dates of orders and cards which was causing disappearing print jobs within the CardPrintManager 
- Fixed Service Requests batch reject popup issue 
- Fixed several Invalid Request errors 
- Fixed issue regarding SSO being forced 
- Fixed issue regarding theme updates 
- Fixed issue where number fields would allow a + or - in it 
- Fixed issue regarding random numbers and blacklisted numbers 
- Fixed issue regarding card_variable_nr being re-used in batch processing 
- Fixed issue regarding export of card history to CSV
- Fixed issue reagrding PHPExcel and php7.4 
- Fixed issue regarding empty card status reasons
- Fixed issue regarding validity_end_date being displayed empty
- Fixed issue regarding photo print-requirement 
- Fixed issue regarding batchupload of photos, parallel uploads were causing security issues with sessions 
- Fixed issue regarding card status settings (where it was not able to use only P, T or S status)
- Fixed issue regarding record count on Unit dashboard
- Fix issue regarding large usernames for the service portal
- Fixed issue regarding empty status field during excel import
- Fixed issue regarding numeric list fields where empty value was allowed
- Fixed issue regarding required fields where 0 values were allowed by mistake
- Fixed issue regarding 404 errors when creating a group or unit
- Fixed issue regarding DigitalID card designs where images and fonts would not be saved
- Several localization fixes 

- Updated migration code (CardsOnline 6 to CardsOnline 7) 
- Now forcing secure cookies within Controllers & all views (when cookies are created via javascript) 
- Host reports is now showing the amount of (active) cardholders too 
- Now sending an email to all host users when there is a new user registration (SSO) 
- The host alias will be used as new label instead of the database field name when clearing the field label 
- Increased the size of all reserve(1-16) fields to 100 
- Disabled autocomplete on password fields 
- Added min-length option to auto-incrementing fields 
- Navigation item Email management will now be hidden when email related functionality is disabled 
- Uploading a signature will now make the container bigger so it is easier to crop to desired dimension 
- Data manager advanced filter options will now only show the options that are enabled as feature 
- PDF export will now display gender and status values correctly 
- Moved export methods to Batch process option within the roles and now handling the result correctly on batch photo/signature export 
- Added several new Cronjobhandler triggers 
- Soap user login via webservices will not trigger the modification log anymore 
- Added possibility to show selected records only in the data manager 
- Added medication, medical_histrory & allergies to special fields 
- Added yyyy-mm-dd as date format for excel import 
- Added external printing feature 
- Optimized groups dashboard query for Audits 
- Added possibility to display checkboxes within the data manager 
- SoapOut now only providing attributes that are not empty when change fields are provided between [] 
- Added rewrite, erased, reprinted to card manager overview table 
- Integrated the record limiter feature 
- CardPrintManager will now only receive new orders on startup instead of all order history (only applicable to CPM >= 4.1.54) 
- Inactive card designs will not be shown in the preview anymore 

Card Designer 
- Fixed issue regarding date format of dynamic fields 
- Fixed issue where default value would become 'null' instead of empty 
- StretchMode will be automatically set to Fit for all Signatures & Photos 
- Added support for HEX values within dynamic fields 
- Added support for RTL input fields (preview is still showing LTR) 
- Fixed issue regarding Magstripe position in previews 
- Added photo & signature Transparency & StrechMode 
- Fixed issues regarding single-sided designs with magstripes 
- Fixed issue regarding rewrite-area buttons visibility 
- Added possibility to print CardSerialNumber on the card 
- Magstripe data is now html encoded so it supports special chars like <> 
- Resizing elements will now snap to grid too 
- Fixed issues regarding html encoded texts
New Features 
- Introducing DigitalId feature 
- Added German language 
- Added possibility to create CardPrintManager credentials for SingleSignOn users (SSO) 
- Added possibility to show an attribute within the New user registrations overview (SSO) 
- Integrated possibility to initiate new SSO users via CardsOnline. 
An email with an activation token will be sent to the user, once the user is authenticated, he will be able to use CardsOnline (SSO)