Intuitive & Cost efficient

In response to the growing need for efficient and affordable management of ID cards and all card related activities, ScreenCheck offers CardsOnline, a card management system that measures up to the increasing demand to issue and manage multifunctional smart cards in an easy, controlled and cost efficient way.
CardsOnline Card Designer

Online Card Design

Create your own card design in CardsOnline with our intuitive online Card Designer, that offers all the functionality you need for a professional card layout.

Design a card layout in the online Card Designer using shapes, images, place holders, dynamic text and logos. Save multiple designs and set templates ready to use at other locations.

CardsOnline Data Manager

Data & Card Management

A complete overview of all your imported card holders data ready to manage. CardsOnline helps achieve efficiency by improving access for remote users while streamlining the data management.

Card management becomes effortless with CardsOnline. Manage and reprint cards, block lost cards temporarily or permanently with just a couple of clicks.

CardsOnline Card Manager

Print Management

Batch print selected data records. Manage the inline encoding and printing process with the Card Print Manager. Easily encode all available data directly onto the card, without adding any steps to the production cycle: real inline encoding.

Smart & Effective

CardsOnline becomes the link between the smart card and other systems in your organisation.

Connections between these systems (e.g. access control) are established through custom made data agents and web services, defined by a data model at the start of each project.

Schedule automatic expiration, re-printing of cards or manage lost cards by blocking temporarily or permanently with just a couple of clicks.

By using only one system for all functionalities, you save both time and cost, while simplifying your administration.

CardsOnline Overview
Delft University of Technology (TUD) issued a tender for a new Card Management System(CMS)
to handle multi functional DESFire cards and connect to the many facility systems on campus.
Providing the best solution, ScreenCheck was assigned to implement the
Card Management System “CardsOnline”.

Quick & Mobile Enrollment

CardsOnline Service Portal makes mobile enrollment available as an add-on service for your card holders.

The Service Portal connects securly to CardsOnline, allowing card holders to interact with their card data, send and receive requests regarding their cards, upload a new photo and report a lost or broken card.

CardsOnline Service Portal

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