Like to know if CardsOnline is the one card solution for you?

CardsOnline Features

Online: authorized remote users

Enables authorized remote users to access the information and resources they need to manage the ID card production.

Create professional card layouts

Create your own card design with the intuitive Card Designer, that offers all the functionality you need. It is also possible to upload card designs.

Manage roles, cards and data

CardsOnline has three default administrator roles and an operator role. More roles can be defined and added. Manage the issued cards and the card data.

Save data into the cloud

Next to the option to install the software on a local network, we also offer a cloud solution. Easy web browser access that only requires internet connection.

CardsOnline Brochure

Capture photos and add data

Supports photo capture through a webcam, file upload, or IntelliTWAIN capture software that has auto-capture and auto-cropping functionality.

Smart device compatible

Use a desktop computer, a smartphone device or tablet. CardsOnline allows you to design, produce and manage your cards any time, anywhere.

Connect with your Source & Facility systems

Cardholder Data is automatically imported using an active connection with your resource systems, such as an HR-system. CardsOnline links the ID card to the facility systems that are used within your organization.

Supported Languages

English, Spanish, French, German, Swedish and Dutch

Add-Ons for
Quick Mobile Enrollment
& Inline Encoding

CardsOnline Service Portal

An add-on available on mobile devices as a service for your card holders.

The Service Portal connects securely to CardsOnline, allowing card holders to interact with their card data, send and receive requests regarding their cards, upload a new photo and report a lost or broken card.

Card Print Manager

Print and Encode cards in CardsOnline with the Card Print Manager.

The Card Print Manager is the interface between the local printer and CardsOnline.
The add-on will be installed on the local workstations used for printing.

Cardholders can receive & send requests
Cardholders can edit their own data
Cardholders can login to their own Service Portal account