Active ID Release Notes

Changelog version 1.4 (1054):

  • Fixes a problem during account registration


Changelog version 1.3 (1029):

  • Fixes #25490: Localization / Inconsistency in Login vs. Log in
  • Fixes #25489: Localization / IDs vs ID’s in About section
  • Fixes #25488: Full stop cramped in Settings. Margins of 10px left given on toggles
  • Fixes #25491: New passes / Text glitches through placeholder frame
  • Fixes #25523: Long names result in right ellipsis. But Xamarin adds a default right margin. So added a left margin of 7.
  • Fixes #25519: Login hidden from the landing page if the app is not yet activated. Login is shown when the app is activated, but this is an edge case because you can’t get to this page if the app is activated (Login is the new landing page after registering)
  • Fixes #noticket: [iOS] Header alignment for iOS was off to the left. This is now more centered.
  • Fixes #25527, 25526: No empty state glitches and a card in the background. When accepting, the application goes to a loading state and the loader is shown until the user is redirected to the CardsCarousel page.
  • Fixes #25518: For nows: On ‘invalid data’ response, the same error is shown as ‘authentication failure’ response. UX-wise this is better. Could need a follow-up, feedback requested in mantis.
  • Fixes #0025515: Improve UX forgot password process.
  • Fixes #0025517: Login / Glitch between entering email and password.
  • Fixes #0025525: Forgot password / back to login screen after entering code.
  • Fixes #25478: Implemented option 1, form data is saved when taking a picture or selecting an image from the gallery.
  • Fixes #25466.1: The modal dialog is now opened as a new page. Xamarin has very unreliable behavior regarding dialogs.
  • Fixes #25466.2: Fixes the problem of a white top-bar and zebra hamburger color (Xamarin default color) in the menu. This is due to the navigation/modal behavior (that is now removed).
  • No ticket fixes: Maintenance: First ViewModel files moved to the library and are shared among the apps (Zebra / ActiveID).
  • Android FIX: OnAppearance now called once in the constructor for the cards page, this seems to fix the issue where the OnAppearance event is not triggered and thus not loading the avatar and (demo) cards.
  • Feature: New zebra blue implemented along new resources.
  • Xamarin update + Shell.TitleView fixes: Resulted in the title showing again on iOS >16.0 even when a page is visited >1 times.
  • Fixed: The redownloading of cards after a new update (This fix will work for all updates past this update, due to internal database changes).
  • Fixes #25477: New custom renderers (Xamarin), controls and mappers (MAUI) for capitalizing input field (Handled by the OS). Capitalization option: the first character per sentence.
  • Fixes #25463: Show build number on the about page. Via dependency service for reading files OS specific so about page always has the accurate version on display.
  • Fixed black background modal dialog image input selector. Modal now has a gradient background again. This was some issue with full transparency on the page background
  • #25455 Fix: Blurred header now 10% more blurred and using the full header width.