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CardsOnline Active ID App

CardsOnline Active ID App

The CardsOnline Active ID App, allows employees , students, visitors, members, or volunteers to receive, keep and manage their Active ID to use for mobile identification, access, or a Data Check. Active IDs are designed with the Card Designer and issued using the Data Manager similar to a Digital ID PDF format.

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OS Active ID App

– iOS 14 and above
(iPhone 6s and later models)
– Android 10 and above
(mainstream Android smartphones)


An Active ID has a secure active connection with CardsOnline and is always up to date. Changes to data can be pushed immediately.

Fully Localized

The Active ID App is fully localized, the application uses the language of the cardholders’ device.

Brand Identity

Your brand identity is what makes you instantly recognizable to your cardholders. Use your own brand with the Active ID App and its emails. Add your own logo and brand colors.

Design & Issue

Use the CardsOnline Card Designer to create a digital card design for mobile to use as Active ID. Push Active IDs via the data manager to the cardholders’ Active ID App, cardholders receive a notice email.

The Process

Download the Active ID App

Your Active ID App with your own brand design will be available in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for your card holders to download. When an Active ID is issued, the card holder receives a notification email with instructions on how to download the app and use their Active ID.

Register - Active ID App


Now that the Active ID App is downloaded and installed on the card holders’ phone, the card holder registers for an account on the app. They enter their preferred email & password.

Receive verification email

After successful registration, the card holder receives an email with a verification code to be used in the app.

Login - Active ID App


Open the App and login with the credentials setup during registration.

Enter code and verify

The card holder clicks on verification via the menu and enters the code received in the email. Only after verification will the card holder be able to receive their Active ID.

Menu - Active ID App

The Menu

The Active ID App menu offers navigation to account information, settings and the Active passes available for the cardholders to use as identification.

Active Passes - Active ID App

Active Passes

Active passes shows the available Active IDs issued to the cardholder by a CardsOnline Administrator. They can swipe through the different types of passes, like their employee ID and an access invite for a company event for example.

Large View Active ID

Double click an Active ID for a full view.
The full view is used to clearly identify.
Use a Data Check QR-code in your Active ID
to verify access for example.

CardsOnline Active ID
CardsOnline Active ID App

Premium Service

CardsOnline offers a complete card management system with card design, data management, card production and now with a focus on the issuance of Active IDs available to use in the Active ID App.

Active ID App is developed for Apple & Android mobile devices, holds Active IDs and has an active connection with CardsOnline. Administrators can design, manage, and issue Active IDs in CardsOnline to card holders. The card holder can be alerted on the new ID by a push message from the app. The card holder can accept and open their Active ID to use as Employee Badge, Student ID, Member ID, or temporary ID.