Premium Services

CardsOnline is committed to providing you with the most comprehensive and versatile card management solutions. To take your card management experience to new heights, we offer premium services that seamlessly integrate with our platform. In today’s fast-paced and digitally driven business landscape, card management is not just about physical cards; it’s about embracing the digital era, sustainability, streamlining operations, and ensuring security.

CardsOnline Premium Services offered by ScreenCheck are your key to a card management system that thrives in the digital era. They are designed to meet the unique needs of businesses seeking advanced functionalities and efficient solutions to be sustainable and secure.

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Digital Temporary ID Card

Digital ID Services

Our premium Digital ID services empower you to issue and manage Digital ID cards for various purposes, from employee IDs to student IDs. With Digital ID services, you can:

  • Customize ID card designs to reflect your branding and identity.
  • Issue digital IDs that can be easily accessed via smartphones, tablets, or other devices.
  • Digital ID is available in three formats: PDF, Wallet Pass and Active ID.
  • Enjoy real-time updates for instant changes to cardholder information with the Active ID.

CardsOnline Premium Services - Active ID app

Active ID App Services

Our Active ID app is designed for enhanced user experiences. With this premium service, cardholders can access their Active IDs and relevant information with ease. It’s a powerful tool for efficient access control and membership management, putting the power of digital IDs right at your users’ fingertips.

CardsOnline Data Check

Data Check Services

Stay compliant and up-to-date with our premium Data Check feature. This service allows you to verify and manage important data by scanning a Data Check QR-code, ensuring that your cardholder records are accurate and meet regulatory requirements. Data Check is your solution for maintaining data integrity effortlessly.