CardsOnline Digital ID

CardsOnline introduces Digital ID, making it possible to send a digital pass to cardholders. In addition to or instead of the plastic card, a digital pass can be issued in different formats, like PDF, Wallet pass for the WalletPass App or an Active ID for the CardsOnline Active ID App on Android or Apple.

Custom Design

Create a digital card design specific for mobile devices, in portrait or landscape mode, next to the standard card design you use to print on badges.

Instant Access

CardsOnline allows you to design, produce, manage and issue digital cards any time, anywhere.

Card Designer for standard card design & Digital ID as PDF or Wallet Pass

Fast issuance via email

Issue Digital IDs via an email invite, make a selection of card holders and send them a digital pass with just a click on the button. Card holders receive an email invite with a link to retrieve their mobile ID.

Cost Efficient

Issuance of digital cards can lower the costs of your card production solution.

Setup Digital ID for any situation

A Digital ID can be used for your employees, visitors, students, members or volunteers. CardsOnline Card Management System offers organisations, companies, universities, events or clubs for example the option to design, manage and issue a digital card from any location using one online system. CardsOnline provides efficient and secure online access to the various authorized users.

Digital Temporary ID Card
Digital Temporary ID
Guests & Visitors
Digital Certificate ID
Digital Certificate
Digital Employee ID
Digital Employee ID
Corporate Organisations
Digital Customer Card
Digital Customer Card
Retail & Hospitality
Digital Student ID
Digital Student ID
Colleges & Universities
Digital Event ID
Digital Event ID
Festivals & Entertainment
Digital Worker ID
Digital Worker ID
Construction or Transport
Digital Membership ID
Digital Member ID
Sports, Gyms & Clubs