Payment Partner Ximedes

Payment System Partner for CardsOnline

Partnering with payment provider Ximedes

Recently we succesfully implemented CardsOnline & migrated Facility Pro
at multiple German Universities working together with payment partner Ximedes

Payment Provider Ximedes

About Ximedes

Established in 1998, headquartered in Haarlem, the Netherlands, Ximedes builds bespoke software, focusing on Open Banking and Open Public Transport systems.

Ximedes supplies the Pecunda Payment System to clients operating in industry and education. Ximedes is active in the Netherlands, Germany and the Nordics.

Our partner in payment systems, Ximedes, invited ScreenCheck to offer our ID management System CardsOnline together with their system to provide a complete and efficient solution to a group of German Universities. 

In Germany a selection of universites are working with the Facility Pro Management (FPM) System hosted by Studentenwerk (STW), this system is responsible for all the payment applications active at the universities. Three of these universities were in need of an update of their FPM software to the new FP5 software, an online card management solution able to interact with the new FP5 software and the posibility for their card supplier Identa to produce cards external. Next to the external production of the student cards, a local installation of print stations at the servicedesk on location was needed to be setup and/or replaced to enable card production on campus. Students, employees and externals receiving the encoded and printed card need to be able to use the card with the payment facilities available at the universities.

The Solution

The installation
In collaboration with Ximedes, Identa, Studentenwerk and the three universities, ScreenCheck implemented three full CardsOnline systems with all its features. ScreenCheck has a secure connection with the CardsOnline setup for remote access, to do any needed installation, development and support. With ID management system CardsOnline the universities can design, produce and manage their smart id cards online from any location by authorized users.

Card production
Each university has multiple card designs they use. Ximedes and Identa handle the organisation of the ordering process together with the universities. Identa (third party supplier) produces the cards external using a secure connection with the CardsOnline installations. The fully operational smartcards with graphics printed, fully encoded and the TRW stripe (for thermal print & reprint) printed on, are delivered based on the required selection (location and/or alphabetically, etc) of the university. After the card production Identa returns the needed production data to CardsOnline like printdate and card serial number (CSN).

The universities personalize the preprinted card designs on campus using the ScreenCheck SC7000 re-transfer printers with Omnikey Encoder. The reprintable (TRW) stripe on the cards is printed, validated and encoded with the print date via wall mounted TRW service terminals (installed with a rewrite printer and encoder) provided by ScreenCheck on location. Students can reprint and encode their card themselves per quarter of the year via these special service terminals.

CardsOnline Service Portal
The CardsOnline Service Portal, installed at two universities, makes it possible for card holders to receive and send requests, upload their own photo and data, block cards and request a new card. Cardholders can login on their own service portal account using a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. The clear interface and simple navigation can have the look and feel of your organisation. The CardsOnline Service Portal makes enrolment completion faster, reduces the administrative load and cardholders can add data in their own time.

ScreenCheck looks back on three successful projects implementing our ID management system working together with our partner Ximedes, Identa, Studentenwerk and the universities. Every project is different and through the partnering with others we learn and evolve. ScreenCheck looks forward to new projects, teaming up with our partners, resellers and customers .

Project details

Software: CardsOnline


  • CardsOnline
  • CardsOnline Service Portal
  • Card Print Manager
  • SC7000 Card Printers encoder included
  • SC TRW(Thermal stripe writing) terminals

Data Agents:

  • Import source data from universities via CardsOnline SOAP
  • Export target data from CardsOnline SOAP to receiving server of university
  • Internal data agent CardsOnline for Status changes at various conditions
  • Interface FP5 payment system via SOAP
  • Export/Import batch Card Production via SOAP to external Identa system
  • One time import agent to import all existing cards from the current system

Server: Linux or Microsoft server, PHP/MYSQL/APACHE

Card type: Desfire EV1 NXP 8k

Connected systems