CardsOnline als Card Management System voor SintLucas


Card Management System CardsOnline for the production of Mifare Classic cards


“SintLucas is the Portal of the creative industry, that is our vision for the future.

Creative talents choose SintLucas, because we guide them towards a bright future in the creative industry. Companies and HBOs choose SintLucassers because they are ahead in terms of knowledge, skills and attitude. Organizations choose SintLucas because we connect knowledge development, experiment, facilities and innovative strength within the creative industry and beyond.”
– Vision SintLucas

SintLucas is an educational organization that has locations in Boxtel and Eindhoven. In Boxtel they have four buildings, a main building and three workshops. In Eindhoven, the school is located at Strijp-S, the creative and cultural hotspot of Eindhoven. They teach at VMBO, MBO and HBO level and have around 380 employees, 500 students and 2800 students.

Creative innovation is in SintLucas’s DNA. SintLucas courses continuously adapt to the creative spirit of current times and technological developments. They also choose current technology for their card management system and link a smart card to their facility systems. SintLucas chooses CardsOnline as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for the production of the Mifare Classic card for their students and employees.

The Solution

Connecting a Mifare card to multiple systems via CardsOnline

SintLucas has several buildings and uses different facility systems. The Mifare Classic card for SintLucas cardholders must be produced and managed, as well as work with these systems. ScreenCheck offers CardsOnline as a SaaS solution for managing, producing, encoding and linking the smart card.

Via CardsOnline ScreenCheck links the student and employee cards to the access control system Aeos and the locker systems Loxs and Releezme. The Magister learning platform, AFAS administration system, Portalplus registration system and the Equitrac multifunctionals system will also be linked.

Produce and encode cards

SintLucas uses two SC7000 card printers with an encoding unit to print the Mifare Classic cards on both sides and encode them. These card printers are maintained by ScreenCheck via a maintenance contract, so that SintLucas can continue to print and encode without any problems. The Card Print Manager (CPM) is the interface between CardsOnline and the card printer. With the CPM, the employee manages and validates the printed and encoded cards. CPM offers various print management options, such as automatic print settings.

CardsOnline Service Portal

CardsOnline also offers the CardsOnline Service Portal as an option. This is used to improve communication with cardholders by offering an extra service. Cardholders can add their own card data, take photos via their smartphone, activate their card and block a lost card.

CardsOnline makes it possible for organizations to design, produce and manage online cards from multiple locations by authorized users.

Project details

Software: CardsOnline 7

  • CardsOnline Pro (up to 5.000 card holders)
  • CardsOnline Service Portal Pro
    (up to 5.000 card holders)
  • 2 x Card Print Manager
  • 4 x Data Agent Base t.b.v. Magister, AFAS, Portalplus, Releezme lockers system
  • 3 x Data Agent Pro t.b.v. Aeos access control, Equitrac multifunctionals, Loxs lockers system

Server: CentOS Linux distribution,

Card Printer: 2 x ScreenCheck SC7000 Card printers
Card type: MIFARE Classic card

Connected systems