Aug 24

How to add data to CardsOnline – Card Data Management – CardsOnline 7 Videos

Card Data Management

To give a clear overview of the functionalities CardsOnline offers a selection of introduction videos. Learn more about online card design, card data management and production. Todays videos show how to add data to CardsOnline. How to import multiple records using an Excel file or quickly add a single record.

Add multiple card holders from an Excel file and their photos – Card Data Management

This video explains how to add a list of cardholders using an Excel file and batch upload their photos. Go to “Data management”, click on “Import data” and select the Excel file with the cardholder’s data you like to add. If your Excel file has the column names as the first row, check the box “The first row contains column names”. Link the fields of your Excel file with the fields of CardsOnline, so the correct data is placed in the correct fields. Be aware that the “Index” field needs to be linked to a field with unique ID numbers. When all fields are linked, click on the “Overwrite records” button. The cardholder data from the Excel file has now been imported into the Data Manager.

To also link the photos to this data, first find the data field that corresponds to the names of the photos. In our case this is the Index that is linked to the ID numbers. All Photos have the ID number of the correct cardholder as their name. Now go to “Import photos”, select the corresponding source, in this example this is “Index”, click “Upload” and select the needed photos to import them. The photos are added in one go and automatically linked to the correct cardholder.

How to add an individual Cardholder – Card Data Management

Learn how to add an individual cardholder to the Data Manager. Visit the Data Manager in your Unit, select “Records” and click on the “Add record” icon at the top right of the Data Manager overview. An empty record with the fields and tabs you predefined is created, ready for data to be entered in just a couple of steps. Enter the required data, such as the first and last name. For your convenience, add a date, such as a date of birth using the small popup calendar. The “Next” button in the bottom right navigates to the next tab. Upload a photo and signature at the last step called ”Biometrics”. Click on the “upload image” and select the photo or drag and drop the photo to upload. Crop the photo if needed, confirm the photo and add this record. You have now created a new record for an individual cardholder. The record can be revisited to add or adjust data.

Adding a photo to a record can also be captured with a webcam for when the cardholder is present. Select the card holders’ record from the Record Overview, the personal details will appear on the right. Use the camera icon to add a photo to the record, a pop-up will appear and next to the upload a file option you can Start the webcam. Now capture, crop and confirm the photo using the webcam. The photo is now saved and added to the record.