CardsOnline MyCloud

CardsOnline MyCloud

Cloud based Service Bureau for all types of customers

Professional, user-friendly and state-of-the-art badging platform

CardsOnline MyCloud offers a professional, user-friendly and state-of-the-art badging platform for card design, fast enrollment and printing. Partners who use CardsOnline MyCloud control their own dedicated cloud-based platform from which they manage their clientele. Each customer receives an individual account, that allows them to design and produce cards, manage data as well as customize the appearance of CardsOnline MyCloud to their preference.

Software as a Service

All the customer accounts and data are hosted by ScreenCheck and stored in a secure cloud environment. Customers access CardsOnline MyCloud using a web browser, anywhere, anytime.
CardsOnline MyCloud
The MyCloud Service Bureau solution allows both Partners and their Customers to focus on what’s important in their organization, making their card production process worry-free with an affordable monthly subscription.


  • Affordable cloud-based solution
  • Accessible through any web browser
  • Customizable interface for every customer
  • Efficient enrollment using mobile devices
  • Online Card Designer
  • Print cards from any location
  • High- or low volume printing
  • Encode MiFare Classic or DESFire cards
  • No maintenance, no expensive infrastructure
CardsOnline MyCloud Overview

Frank Romeijn

Sales Director, ScreenCheck

Frank Romeijn is Sales Director for ScreenCheck and has been with the company for over ten years. He is responsible for global sales and product development. ScreenCheck is specialized in developing and implementing ID solutions in Education, Care and Government, helping customers implement the latest features and technologies. Operations are concentrated in North America and Europe.