Jun 12

Online Card Design, Management & Production – CardsOnline 7 Videos

To give a clear overview of the functionalities CardsOnline offers a selection of introduction videos. Learn more about online card design, management and production. Todays video is a short overview of the Unit level.

CardsOnline Unit Level - Online Card Design, Management and Production

Introduction Overview Unit Level


This video shows you a brief overview of the CardsOnline Unit level and its most used functionalities. As Unit Manager you add, edit and manage designs, data and the cards of the card holders. Manage the entire Unit or functionalities that are specifically assigned to you as manager or operator.

The Unit landing page offers a dashboard overview, oversee the number of records in the Unit, Print Sessions, Printed Cards and the Service Requests. It is possible to post messages on the dashboard for other administrators to read. The Dashboard overview also allows for quick navigation using one of the overview buttons. Next to the dashboard you can always navigate via the Left Vertical Menu to all the available functionalities.

Data Manager

The records with cardholders’ data are all in one overview in the Data manager. Import, export and manage your data records and prepare them for print. Records can be imported automatically from your facility system like a HR-system. The Data Manager also allows import from an Excel file or to manually add a single record. Find specific cardholders using a quick search or apply a search filter. Work efficiently by selecting multiple records to edit, delete, print or send an email to simultaneously. Select a specific cardholder record to see their data appear, ready for you to edit. Print a card, add a photo using a web cam or uploading one, generate a PDF, capture a signature, block or delete a record and manage the Service Portal login data.

Online Card Design

Navigate to “Card Designs” to upload card designs, manage created designs or launch the card designer for online card design.

Card Manager

Check the current print jobs of your Unit in “Print sessions”. Once a card has been printed, it can be managed in the “Card Manager”, to block or unblock a card for example.

CardsOnline Service Portal

CardsOnline has the CardsOnline Service Portal available for cardholders. The service portal makes it possible for cardholders to receive notifications, add their own data and photos, block a card or request a new card. Approve or reject the added data and requests from the Service Portal using the “Service Requests” in CardsOnline.