Digital Event ID for Festivals and Entertainment with CardsOnline

Welcome to CardsOnline, your trusted partner for efficient card management solutions. If you’re organizing festivals, concerts, or any entertainment event, we have an exciting solution for you. With CardsOnline, you can enhance the event experience by issuing and managing Digital Event IDs for your visitors.

Digital Event ID

Streamlined Entry with Digital Event IDs

In the dynamic world of festivals and entertainment, providing a streamlined and secure entry experience for your attendees is paramount. CardsOnline’s digital event IDs offer a modern and convenient way for visitors to gain access to your event.

Our user-friendly platform allows you to issue Digital Event IDs that can be easily accessed via smartphones. No more worries about lost or misplaced physical tickets—your attendees can simply present their Digital Event ID for entry.

Benefits of Digital Event ID with CardsOnline

Enhanced Attendee Engagement

Digital Event IDs can be interactive, allowing attendees to engage with event-related content, such as event schedules, maps, and promotions, directly from their mobile devices.

Access Control Flexibility

Easily adjust access permissions and privileges for different attendee categories or VIP levels, ensuring a personalized and secure event experience.

Enhanced Branding Opportunities

Utilize digital event IDs as a branding tool by customizing the design and incorporating event-specific themes, logos, and sponsors to reinforce your event’s identity.

Reduced Environmental Impact

By eliminating the need for physical paper tickets or badges, Digital Event IDs contribute to sustainability efforts by reducing waste and lowering the carbon footprint of your event.


Digital event IDs can accommodate events of all sizes, from intimate gatherings to large-scale festivals, offering a scalable solution for event organizers.

Digital Event ID

Want to elevate your festival or entertainment event experience and streamline the entry process? Upgrade to CardsOnline offered by ScreenCheck and make use of the Digital Event ID option. Our card management system empowers you to issue and manage Digital IDs efficiently, providing a modern and hassle-free entry solution for your visitors.

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